The Bower family has long had a keen interest in new technology & over the generations have been early adopters of many agricultural innovations. Did you know Stanley Vale was one of the first farms in the New England region to get electricity!

EID tags

All Stanley Vale sheep are uniquely identified through individual ear tags. Recently individual animal traceability, has been enhanced through the introduction of EID eartags in stud and commercial animals. Having EID tags in all the 2014 drop sheep is making it much easier to record information on individual animals & use it in real-time farm decision making. This means it will make it easier to identify the most productive animals in the stud and commercial herd & also to cull poor performs. 

Currently Stanley Vale is using Alflex Ear Tags and RS420 Stick Readers. We are currently taking our time exploring what software packages & other "gadgets" match our needs before investing in other accompanying technologies. We look forward to sharing our experience of learning to incorporate this new tool into our existing management and selection practices. 

Click here for a useful overview of EID Tags