At Stanley Vale Merino Stud we pride ourselves on the quality of our Merinos and our wool. Our commitment to producing quality sheep and wool has been recognised through a number of prestigious industry awards.

Stanley Vale won the inaugural unhoused section of the Ultimate Merino Ram Competition held at the 2014 New England Merino Field Days and has in the past also won many other awards at local shows.

The care with which the Stanley Vale clip is prepared has seen the Bower family take home several prestigious clip preparation awards including:

- Ermenegildo Zegna Unprotected Wool Trophy

– 4th place - Winner of the Ermengildo Zegna Trophy for extrafine wool production

- New England Ultimate Wool Clip Preparation Award

Stanley Vale also regularly achieves a 1PP rating for their wool clip. This attention to detail is also reflected in the superior staple strength of the main line which often tests at 50 N/ktex or higher.

Our commitment to quality is also evidenced in the way we care for our animals to the highest of standards. This can seen on farm through creating additional shelter through; the establishment of shelter belts to provide shade to stock in the summer and serve as wind breaks in the cooler months and the installation of lambing sheds that ewes are free to access as they please during the lambing period as well as the opening of tree-d laneways post shearing to offer additional shelter during inclement weather events. We practice low stress stock handling and ensuring animal welfare is a top priority with strategies like the use of pain relief medication after potentially stressful sheep handling events like lamb marking.