Flock & Stud Rams

Stanley Vale produces well-grown rams with high fleece weights and a traditional wool style and micron sought after by the Italian Superfine market. In the last few years fleece weights have increased by ~20% due to an increased emphasis on individual performance, the adoption of ASBVs (Australian Sheep Breeding Values) and continued use of the best genetics. All Stanley Vale stud rams are extensively recorded for a range of fleece traits, body weight traits and other economically important traits like parasite resistance. This information is submitted to generate ASBVs. ASBVs provide a better understanding of the true genetic potential of our sheep and allow our animals to be benchmarked against all other Merinos belonging to ram breeders who use MERINOSELECT. All available information on our rams is then used as a tool to assist with classing and is also available to our customers. A number of our current rams our trait leaders for Yearling fibre diameter, fibre diameter coefficient of variance and staple strength.

Each year Stanley Vale offers a range of stud and flock rams for sale through the Armidale Housed Ram Sale, the Stanley Vale annual on property sale and by private arrangement. Rams are offered for sale as 2 tooths, 4 tooths and housed and unhoused. In 2016 we will have approximately 150 rams for sale. On-site inspections are welcomed at any time of the year by appointment.

We use our own rams in both our commercial and stud flocks so our genetics are proven to perform well in both stud and commercial environments. This commitment to quality sheep and wool is also evidenced by our many long term ram clients that they keep coming back to buy from us year in and year out.

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