Stanley Vale Merino stud is a leading Superfine Merino Stud in Australia suppling rams to both commercial and stud clients. Rams are available year round through an annual on-property sale, selected multi-vendor sales such as the Armidale Housed Ram Sale and by private arrangement. Whilst maintaining the traditional wool style and micron sought by the Italian Superfine market Stanley Vale aims to produce rams with higher fleece weights and body weights that are resilient to harsh winters. Over the last 5 years the clip has averaged less than 16.5um at shearing across the whole flock with the 2015 shearing average of 16.3um.

When founded the stud was initially based on Merryville and Tasmanian bloodlines. Over the years, selective use of outside AI sires has brought new valuable genetics into the stud and allowed rapid progress on our breeding goal.

Stanley Vale prides itself on the high staple strengths it achieves for Superfine wool. Our main fleece line averages up to 55N/ktex and our ASBV for staple strength at yearling age is over 2.5 units above the average for all Merino sheep. A number of our current rams our trait leaders for Yearling fibre diameter, fibre diameter coefficient of variance and staple strength. As shown in the graph below average staple strength in our flock is well above the average for not just Ultra and Superfine wool types but all Merino flocks in the database.

Additionally fleece weights in the stud have increased by ~20% in the few years. Despite this increased cut, fleece micron and the traditional Italian Superfine style Stanley Vale is known for has been maintained.

The reasons for this rapid improvement are three-fold: a commitment to using the best genetics, the introduction of ASBVs (Australian Sheep Breeding Values) and greater importance being placed on individual animal measurement, enabling the most productive sheep on farm to be easily identified.

This graph depicts the average Yearling Staple strength ASBV for Stanley Vale Merinos, All Merino sheep and all Ultrafine and Superfine Sheep. It clearly shows that Stanley Vale sheep are well above industry average for staple strength, outperforming many studs with higher microns too.