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Well-grown stud sire seeking female/s. Are ewe the one?

​With Valentine's Day around the corner we thought we'd catch-up with one of the eligible bachelors currently calling Stanley Vale home. With Tim & Dom both happily married we headed out to the ram paddock to try our luck there.

Ned: Woof! Hi there Stan think you could tell us a little bit about yourself?

Stan: Well I'm a well-grown Merino ram born in Sept 2015 currently sporting 6 months wool. When I was shorn with my brothers when we were 11 months old we averaged 3.1kg (excluding bellies) of 15.2um wool. The average staple strength at auction was 44 n/ktex

The "Boys" and I in the yards last week

Ned: What are your most redeeming features?

Stan: My wool has a comfort factor of 99.99% and is a traditional crimping style that is highly desired by the Italian markets. I'm also very well grown for my age. If you don't believe me you can check for yourself as I have individual body weights, fleece tests, worm egg counts & ASBVs (Australian Breeding Values) on file. I've also got myself a bit of bling in my ear (EID tag).

Ned: Tell us a bit about your family ?

Stan: Stanley Vale has been run by the Bower family for 6 generations. Tim & Dom run commercial ewes alongside their stud so I'm confident my breeding is suited for both stud & commercial environments. They are pretty savy & have won a few awards over the years you can read about some of them here.

Ned: Any last words for interested ladies ?

Stan: Yes thanks Ned, I come from a flock with MN3 status for OJD. Stanley Vale is also footrot free & has brucellosis free accreditation. While I'm happy to fly solo I'd like to give a shout out to a couple of my 1/2 brothers still also looking for the ladies of their dreams. They are mainly Ultra and Superfine wool types, while our average is 15.1um they range from 13.1um to 17.5um. If you think you or your friends might know some suitable ladies for us please let me know. You can reach get in touch with me through Tim Bower phone 0421 704 598 or contact through the website/Facebook

Will you accept this rose? Some of the boys and I in September 2016
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