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How you can share red meat’s story

Elle Moyle – veterinarian and producer

I grew up on sheep and cattle properties throughout southern Australia. I currently live in south-west Victoria, where I work as a large animal vet. I’ve also purchased my own property where I run composite ewes and Angus cattle.

Why do you think it’s important to share your story?

Sharing our stories is an important way to connect with others, find common ground and showcase our great industry. As a young producer, I love to discuss and share all the positives of working in this industry and the opportunities it presents. I feel that sharing our lifestyle, projects and goals can help others understand farming practices and inspire those in the industry to further their involvement.

What messages do you share?

My message follows my story in agriculture – that while it can be a big leap to follow your passion and get into farming, it’s worth it. I started out as a vet and despite growing up on properties and always working rurally, I learned I had limited practical farming (or business) skills beyond what you learn as a farmer’s daughter. So when I bought a farm in 2017, I had to learn the basics from scratch. I couldn’t strain a fence or plumb a trough, let alone confidently navigate all the intricacies of running a farming business. Very quickly, with guidance from some excellent mentors, I learnt and mastered these skills and I’ve found anything is possible if you are willing to take the leap.

How are you sharing your story?

I’ve been lucky enough through the Cattle Council Rising Champions initiative and the Zanda McDonald Award to have been given a platform to tell my story. From these opportunities, doors have opened to connect with a wide range of people and create new networks. Social media platforms like Instagram are a really easy way to start sharing because it’s quick and accessible. Podcasts are also a great way to share stories.

What’s been the impact?

I get a positive response from a lot of people who tell me they’ve enjoyed reading or hearing my story and feel connected and encouraged by it.

What have you learned along the way?

When sharing your story, it can be uncomfortable to put yourself out there but it’s important to remember your stories and advocacy is for the greater industry, and the positive messages need to outweigh the negative perceptions. Ensure that you support each other and know you will be supported. I encourage anyone to share their positive agricultural story and help spread the message that our industry is a thriving and vital part of Australia’s future.



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