Lamb throughput at Wagga increased 27%, to 28,000 head, and quality was very good across new season lamb categories. Old season lamb numbers declined and quality was mixed, with limited numbers of supplementary fed lines. All the regular buyers operated and restocker competition was strong for new season lambs in good condition.

Sheep consignments were 12% higher, at 7,850 head, with a fair percentage of recently shorn medium weights penned. Heavy crossbred ewes attracted keen demand.

New season trade weight 3 score lambs eased 3¢ and averaged 564¢/kg cwt New season heavy weight 3 score lambs lifted 6¢ on 597¢/kg cwt Old season light weight 3 score lambs were up 6¢ on 521¢/kg cwt Trade weight 3 score lambs gained 21¢ on 538¢/kg cwt Heavy weight 3 score lambs fell 18¢ and averaged 572¢/kg cwt Extra heavy 4 score lambs declined 9¢ on 576¢/kg cwt Medium weight 3 score Merino ewes slipped 6¢ and averaged 365¢/kg cwt

At the close of Thursday’s markets:

The eastern states restocker lamb indicator eased 4¢ on 542¢/kg cwt Merino lambs were back 5¢ on 519¢/kg cwt Light lambs slipped 7¢ on 542¢/kg cwt Trade lambs declined 3¢ on 579¢/kg cwt Heavy lambs lost 1¢ on 585¢/kg cwt The mutton indicator was 1¢ higher and finished on 368¢/kg cwt

Note: All yardings and prices referenced are from MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service (NLRS) reported saleyards.

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