Dominic Bower

Dom, the youngest of Tim and Sybilla’s three children, returned home to the farm in December 2014.

After growing up on Stanley Vale, Dom always knew he wanted to come back to the farm, graduating from Farrer Agricultural High School in 2008. After this, Sydney and a chance to play rugby beckoned and from 2009 – 2014 Dom played rugby for Randwick and Southern Districts. In addition to this he worked at Tradelink Plumbing as the Inventory Manager. Dom believes that Stanley Vale is the best office in the world and is enjoying being a part of the local community again, already being selected to captain one of the local first grade rugby sides. Working alongside Tim, Dom is enjoying the challenge of transferring the technical and computer skills he gained whilst at Tradelink Plumbing to the running of Stanley Vale. Dom’s computer experience is particularly valuable with the introduction of EIDs at Stanley Vale.