At Stanley Vale we pride ourselves on our long-standing commitment to the environment through the adoption of sustainable farming practices, use of renewable energy, and initiation of chemical free soil enrichment programs so our sheep and the environment both benefit.

Having a farming strategy that is both ethical and environmentally sound is as important to us as the quality of the wool and sheep we produce.

A focus on sustainable farming practices

"Sustainability is treating ourselves and our environment as if we are to live on this earth forever." ARRON WOOD. As the 5th generation Bower family at Stanley Vale, Tim is a strong believer in caring for the land so it is left in a better condition for the next generation.

To this effect the Bower family has undertaken a number of initiatives to ensure that Stanley Vale has a sustainable. Significant investment in solar energy means electricity usage is offset by a10 kilowatt solar panel system, whilst the reticulated water system which delivers fresh clean water to paddocks is also run by solar panels. Over a 20 year period 46,000 trees have been planted creating wildlife corridors that are safe havens for local fauna, including koalas, marsupials & extremely rare bird life. The Bower family have made a commitment to a reduced dependency on chemical fertilisers looking to alternate nutrient sources for the soils. Alternate options currently in use are the spreading of chicken manure and the introduction of biodynamic farming practices.