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Goats break records

11 September 2015

Goat prices have continued to rise in recent weeks and are now at record levels – averaging 463¢/kg cwt, with highs of 500¢/kg cwt for 8kg + carcases, according to MLA’s latest over-the-hooks report.

Supply has remained tight over the past few months following processing highs in March and April 2015 when more than 40,000 head were processed each week. Weather also played a part in the supply shortages with patchy rain across parts of the NSW western division affecting transport, access on properties and the ability to harvest goats, however, these impacts are now easing.

Demand remains strong, particularly as the northern hemisphere heads into autumn. Goatmeat in some cultures is considered a ‘winter warming dish’ and is traditionally in higher demand as the weather cools down. In some ways this is perfect timing for Australian suppliers as goat processing numbers are generally much higher over our summer.

MLA's Goat Industry Project Manager Julie Petty said with high prices, it is an opportunity for producers to consider establishing a managed herd on their properties as a way to mitigate risk and have a ready supply of stock on hand to sell when it best suits the business. 

Australia is the world’s largest goatmeat exporter, with approximately 95% of Australian production sent offshore. In the decade to 2014, goat slaughter in Australia doubled to 2.13 million head.

MLA provides free market reports on goat prices and processing numbers. To sign up, email You can also access all the reports through the MLA Market Information App on your smart phone. 

The MLA website offers best practice  information for goat enterprises and has a series of free webinars on topics such as genetic improvement, parasite management, predator fencing, biosecurity and market reports.

You can also calculate what your cost of production is per kilo of beef, lamb or goatmeat in as little as 15 minutes using MLA’s cost of production calculator.



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