Jo Newton

Jo's love of agriculture saw her move from Melbourne to Armidale in 2008.

She started at Stanley Vale in 2009 as a shy student from the city keen to gain some practical experience whilst studying at UNE. Under Tim’s mentorship she gained practical skills and knowledge of the industry going on to graduate with a university medal from a Bachelor of Rural Science (Hons I). In 2011 Jo led the introduction of ASBVs (Australian Sheep Breeding Values) at Stanley Vale and managing all the data for Stanley Vale Stud animals until Dom's return to the farm. This coincided with Jo completing her PhD on the genetics of early reproduction in ewes.  In her time in the New England,  Jo become widely involved in the agricultural community, taking on several leadership roles and being invited as a speaker at key industry events.

Since the end of 2015 Jo has been primarily based in Victoria working as a research scientist in livestock genetics. She now monitors and maintains Stanley Vale's online presence, assists with stud marketing including preparing the sale catalogue and pen cards and undertakes data analysis.


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